Our services

A complete and transparent service :

* Helping you as soon as you are the owner
* Establish new leases 
* Call rents each month from tenants 
* Collecting rent directly into your account 
* Issue receipts to tenants 
* Pay rents to owners in a timely manner 
* Perform all necessary maintenance work 
* Establish the annual adjustment of rental charges 
* Achieve final settlement of when a tenant is leaving 
* Establish all necessary statements of accounts 
* Prepare the items for the tax declaration 
* Rent and rigorously select potential new tenants 
* Represent and defend the interests of investors in meetings 
* Pay condo fees for our customers 
* Making tenant selection after a « screening » process 
* If necessary, we carry out the eviction of defaulters 
* Underwriting insurance (homeowner and liability) 
* Maintenance operations  
* Accounting followed with immediate income statement together with proof of expenditure. 
* Bookkeeping 
* Relationship with the various administrations 
* Annual payment of property taxes 
* Annual renewal of your company and drafting of the annual report 
* License renewal, obtaining business tax receipt and certificate of use. 
* Relationship management departments of « zoning », « code compliance » etc. 
* Recertification’s for old buildings with more than forty years, regulation of « local business tax. »

Our Goals

* Our goals are to offer a human-sized team to serve our customers. 
* Qualified and experienced professionals with the lowest fees in the market. 
* Offices are available from Monday to Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. (Paris time). 
* A guarantee written answer within 24 working hours, and an acknowledgment of receipt for each e-mail. 
* Using the latest technology to communicate via internet: skype, viber, whatsapp, line. 

Our Operation

* Our manager make contact with new clients to clarify specific points 
* A management contract is in place 
* Management begins 
* The customer is informed in real time. 
* The customer can contact his manager when desired. 
* The customer is informed of contractual and financial commitments.

Our rates

We offer competitive and transparent prices for services relating to your property. 
Our basic rate of 7% of rents understand basic benefits throughout the year, the services offered by third parties (plumber, lawyer, electrician, accountant …) require owner approval and will be charged separately . 
For customers who want complete control, including the delivery of documents to our accounting department for the tax return we ask for 10% of the rents. 
We also offer property management for personal use (without tenants) in case of long absence, on a flat fee basis. 
We do not touch the money from your rent, money is going directly into your bank account, our services are billed quarterly. 
Our goal: Transparency, Clarity. Protecting the interests of the owner and keeping a sound management of the property.

Our difference

Unlike other agencies, we do not cash money rents into our accounts. 
We take care of collecting the rent that we pay directly to your account every month. 
Our goal is to have full transparency with our customers, « we manage their real estate », « banks are there to manage their funds ». 
Our services are billed quarterly based on actual services rendered. 
All invoices from us or issued by third parties services require owner approval, our customers keep a complete financial control over their property.

Our Playground

Miami, Brickell, Miami downtown, Cutler Bay, Little Havana, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, South Beach, Coral Gables, Cutler Bay, Fort Myers, Naples and other areas you can always contact our team.